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Market and industry opportunities

Are you looking to establish a sales office, form a strategic partnership, or expand in other ways into Europe? Would you like to know the benefits of choosing Skåne?  Maybe you’d like to know the latest trends within Skåne’s key industries?

We can assist you with customised industry data and benchmarking analysis of Skåne and inform you on the latest business opportunities available.

We can provide:

  • Customised industry data with details on market size, operating costs, legal framework, etc.
  • Benchmarking analysis comparing a Swedish scenario to other European countries
  • Identification of the latest market and industry opportunities

Need help understanding the market and industries of Skåne? Contact our experts in business development here

Did you know that Malmö has 4.8 times more video game studios per capita than London? You can access all of our industry reports here.