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Innovation and talent scouting

Are you on the look out for proven new innovations or scalable business ideas in need of capital? Is your company looking to connect with exceptional talent and know-how?

We can help you identify unicorns-to-be and connect you with the right stakeholders, as well as talent and industry stars, all within the Skåne area.

What we can provide:

  • Screening of Skåne startup companies with unique, scalable, and technically advanced solutions
  • Support in finding the right talent for your company’s launch or expansion
  •  Access to national, regional, and local stakeholders; universities, science parks, incubators, etc.

Did you know the Bluetooth technology was invented in Skåne? Access all of our industry reports here

Looking to invest in a startup, find a new partner, or to tap into the Skåne knowledge base? Contact our investment promotion developers here